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All UNFPA funding is voluntary. UNFPA mobilizes financial resources from governments and other partners to support programs that aim to achieve the “three zeros” – zero unmet need for family planning, zero preventable maternal deaths, and zero harmful practices and gender-based violence – and accelerate progress towards sustainable development. Development goals by 2030.

Basic resources are unrestricted contributions. Every success, every result, begins with core funding. UNFPA, with unique expertise and an extensive presence in more than 150 program countries, including in crisis situations, uses core funding to effectively deliver essential sexual and reproductive health services to those in need. Not needed anymore.

Core resources allow global reach and reduce transaction costs. They allow UNFPA to focus on programmatic impact, mobilize additional resources for better results, and maintain its ability to have a universal presence, even in fragile contexts such as conflict zones or crisis situations. refugees. Each year, UNFPA launches a campaign to mobilize the core resources of a diverse group of donors.

Why core funding is important

Non-essential resources include the following funding and funding instruments:

Other resources include consolidated global financing mechanisms and innovative financing models and instruments such as blended finance, impact investment bonds, financial and insurance products, social entrepreneurship, debt swaps and guarantees.

Successful sustainable development also requires dynamic and inclusive strategic partnerships.


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