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The problems of obtaining QR codes concern not only the citizens of Tatarstan, but also the foreign citizens who live, work, study or have a rest in our republic. For them, even for those vaccinated against the coronavirus, it has become a problem to go to public places and transport, since there is no digital code or it was obtained abroad. What should a foreigner do in Russia, taking into account the fact that there is not yet mutual recognition of anti-Covid-19 vaccines between our country and other states and is not expected in the near future? The main questions about the stay of these citizens in Russia were answered in the press service of the Ministry of Health of Tatarstan.

The deteriorating epidemic situation and the anti-Covid-19 measures have created their own difficulties for foreign citizens arriving in the country as a whole and in Tatarstan in particular. Many of them want to know if they will be able to visit public places and under what conditions.

“I have guests from Europe. By the way, a question for all restaurateurs. They have a qr-code from Pfizer and there is a piece of paper (without qr-code) on the Sputnik vaccination. There is no QR code for Sputnik because they are not citizens of Russia. I was told in several restaurants that they wouldn’t let me in, as that was the Sputnik code I needed. The question: how to feed foreigners in Kazan with such papers? Will I be allowed to use the Pfizer QR code? ”Kazan resident Yekaterina Petrova asks on social media.

He was advised to contact Rospotrebnadzor, and at the same time they added that in hotels where tourists live, such guests will be fed without problems.

The Realnoe Vremya Editorial Board has analyzed the most common questions foreign citizens have while in Russia under anti-Covid-19 restrictions.

The Ministry of Health of Tatarstan, in response to the request of our publication on the “qrisation” of foreign citizens, indicated that there was no regional specificity in the matter, since the procedure for vaccination of foreigners is determined by the federal center. Responding to the above question regarding visiting guests, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Tatarstan noted: If guests have been vaccinated with Sputnik Lite, they should create an account on the Public Services Portal.

  • How can a foreigner get a QR code on vaccination that will be valid in Russia?According to the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Tatarstan, in some cases a certificate can be obtained on the portal of the public services of the Russian Federation after vaccination. Now foreigners in Russia are vaccinated with the Sputnik Lite vaccine – depending on the region, at their own expense or at the expense of the employer.

    The website стопкоронавирус.рф states that foreign citizens in Russia must submit a negative PCR test to visit public places and mass events. To get a certificate of vaccination in Russia, you will need to get vaccinated, and in case of coronavirus disease in our country, you will need to see a doctor for official confirmation of the diagnosis. The presence of antibodies, however, will not be a confirmation of previous infection with the coronavirus for obtaining a certificate, as well as for Russian citizens.

    At the same time, only foreigners who have a residence permit or a temporary residence permit in Russia can receive the QR code of a person who has been vaccinated or has had coronavirus. To get the code, you must have a confirmed entry on the utility portal. It is issued to foreigners holding SNILS. At a Russian medical facility, a foreigner may be issued with a paper certificate confirming vaccination or previous infection with coronavirus. Not all regions accept this document to enter public places. In Tatarstan, for example, they require everyone to present only utility QR codes. As a result, foreign tourists, even if they are vaccinated in Russia with a vaccine registered in our country, still will not be able to get a QR code.

    Foreign vaccines are not approved in Russia, which means that official certificates of vaccination with foreign drugs will not work. However, in some establishments they close their eyes and accept such documents, report the tourists themselves.

  • Where and under what conditions can foreign citizens be vaccinated in Tatarstan?According to the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Tatarstan, vaccination of foreigners is chargeable, the maximum price in Tatarstan is 1,200 rubles.

    Vaccinations against the coronavirus are not part of emergency medical care, and therefore, they will not be provided free of charge to foreigners without an MMI certificate. As a rule, only foreigners with a residence permit or temporary residence permit are vaccinated in public medical establishments. Private clinics say they will vaccinate foreigners if they present their passports and registration in Russia. But only those who have an SNILS (Individual Insurance Account Number) will receive a QR code. The others will receive a paper vaccination certificate, which will not be a pass for public places without a QR code.

  • What are the rules for vaccination of migrant or foreign workers living in Russia?According to the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Tatarstan, these rules do not differ.
  • If a person has been vaccinated abroad, what about getting a QR code?According to the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Tatarstan, foreign vaccines are not registered in Russia, so foreign citizens in Russia will not be able to get a QR code for them. The only option is therefore to be vaccinated with a drug registered in our country.
  • What should foreign students do in Tatarstan?

    According to the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Tatarstan, foreign students can be vaccinated for a fee.

    In particular, since the end of October, a new coronavirus vaccination center for foreign students has been inaugurated in Kazan. Vaccination can be done against payment at municipal polyclinic No. 21 (student) at the address: Orenburgsky trakt, 95. Vaccination is carried out with Sputnik Lite. For vaccination you need a passport, notification of the arrival of a foreign citizen or stateless person at the place of stay (registration), a student card.

    International students vaccinated in Russia will receive QR codes and have the option of using public transport.

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