What you need to know to get personal credit

Borrowing can be a good way to balance your accounts depending on the situation. Urgent bills, late rent or other unforeseen events end up requiring such an attitude. If it is a well thought out and planned solution, getting personal credit can save your finances without becoming a headache in the future.

To start planning your loan, we will tell you everything you need to know to get it. Read it through and stay on top of it:


Who can apply for personal credit?

Who can apply for personal credit?

Most financial institutions follow certain guidelines when advising who may or may not receive personal credit. The rules include being over 18 years old, having a permanent residence in Brazil, not having a name in SPC or Serasa and indicating a telephone number on national soil.


What documents are required?

What documents are required?

As a rule, the documents required to secure personal credit are the same as those required for most transactions. This is: Identity document, proof of income and residence, as well as family or work references.


Where to apply for the loan?

apply for the loan?

H program credit available in almost all financial institutions. Both large and smaller institutions offer the service. Therefore, it is best to do a good research before choosing one of them. Within the GuiaBayment app, you can do this on the price comparator tab.

Evaluate what are the fees charged, the forms of payment and the number of installments available, in order to find the one that best suits your financial reality.


Which loan to take?

Which loan to take?

There are several types of personal loan. The best option varies according to your needs and expectations. What you really need is time to look for the one that fits you best.

Several financial institutions have personal loan resources. RemoveTo remove it, it is convenient to negotiate with your bank the full amount of the procedure. It is advised that the portion is not greater than 30% of your income. The ideal is to commit only 15% to the loan.


Payroll Loan

Payroll loan is seen as one of the best options. However, you need to be aware: not everyone can do it. To be fit for payroll loans, you must be retired or an INSS account holder, civil servant or worker with a formal license. signed by a company that is a member of the financial institution with which the loan will be contracted.


Personal Income Tax Advance Credit

This type of credit is used for emergencies as it anticipates a portion of the income tax refunds. To withdraw it, you will need to enter your bank account name and IR number. However, it is important to remember that the payment of this modality cannot be paid in installments.

Most Brazilians eventually need money for some urgency. Getting credit, however, need not be a nightmare: personal credit can be an alternative for many who are experiencing financially difficult times.


Online loan

With less bureaucracy and lower costs, some institutions specialize in online credit offerings, and one of these companies is good for credit, which promises ease and comparability between different institutions. Ions and interest rates. Legendary also offers this type of credit at competitive rates in the financial market. At Just, no fees are charged and interest is one of the lowest in the market.

And you already needed the personal credit at some point? Have you had good experiences with this type of funding? Leave a comment below, telling us!

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