Car loan without salary

Most of the vehicles registered in Germany were financed with the help of a loan. The procedure is structured as well as any other credit. As a prospective buyer you have to disclose your personal financial circumstances in order to apply for a loan.

The requested bank checks the information and then decides on the loan. In order for a review and thus also the approval to take place, the bank needs meaningful documents. This includes a salary statement that shows exactly what the monthly salary is. But what to do if this proof can not be delivered? In spite of this, is there a car loan without a salary allowance?

Why the salary is so important

Why the salary is so important

A car loan without salary proof seems to be not possible at first glance. Finally, the bank requires proof as proof of salary. It is so important because salary is considered the main security in lending. Only those who can prove a high and secure salary can also get a loan. If proof is missing, the bank must provide this important proof by other means.

It also works like that

So that the car loan does not fail without proof of salary, it must be seen how the proof can still be provided. So it is possible to submit account statements with the salary. Here it would be important to be able to present the extracts of at least three consecutive months, so that the bank sees that the salary is paid regularly and always in the same amount.

In addition, one can bring a proof from the employer, which confirms the salary and thus also provides the corresponding security for the bank. In addition, the tax adviser or the tax office can be asked for a confirmation.

Why there is no salary statement

Why there is no salary statement

The reasons why you have no salary can be very different. If you exclude that the proof is missing because you are not working, there are still several possibilities left. So it is possible that you have not yet received the proof because you either work on assembly or the employer is not located in the same place as you yourself. In addition, you may have misplaced the documents, which occurs again and again and certainly no shame is.

It is important in this context, that you are honest with the bank and plausibly explained the lack of documents. Then she will have a look and readily accept the replacement documents. After all, the bank also earns money on the loan and will not scare off potential customers just because the evidence in the original is missing. Especially not when the credit rating is good to very good.

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